META LARP: «Live Stream/Installation» mit Omsk Social Club Feat PUNK IS DADA

There is as much power in visibility as dis-visibility; the auras of our communities now shine out from our screens and are as valid as our passwords and ip addresses. We sink them daily into the deep dark ecology of our networks and the web. Our Chakras are our most used emoji signs and our enlighten minds beam into the screens of our enslaved friends.

Omsk Social Club feat. PUNK IS DADA sees this as our active Meta-community. The work that was created was a four tired live re-enactment of social media networks today in relation to experience and distributed of experience. The Meta-Larp ran over two physical sites and one online digital site plus hundreds of smartphones and Laptops over the period of 10-17.00 on Saturday the 19th November as soon as the museum closed all documentation held by the artist and museum was deleted. The work will only live through those who saved or documented it or personally experienced it.

Scene Afterform: Bona-fide Sites and the Meta Community :) 2016 Omsk Social Club. Music Produced by PUNK IS DADA and Vonverhille

"The human can never become the device therefore we are left staring; as blindly as Narcissus did into the pool, watching our own immaterial self – we drool, we wet our lips but we can never touch it because it is us and we are not it"